Do you want to keep fit but somehow, it’s too much for you to get a gym membership, let alone show up at a gym to work out?


Your work schedule, privacy preference, financial situation or distance are common factors probably influencing your decision to stay away from the gym.

In spite of the situation, staying away from the gym does not mean you cannot work on being fit on your own, in your own space. In fact, the comfortability at home can greatly boost your confidence and triple your efforts in pursuing your fitness goal.

According to Kevin Steele an exercise physiologist, a standard workout is composed of 5 basic steps: warm up, cardio activity, resistance exercises, flexibility moves, and the cooldown activities.


In place of gym equipment, these three ways can guarantee you keep fit from home:

Stretching: To achieve warming up, which is step 1 of a standard workout procedure, lightly stretching the arms, legs, hips, and feet is a good way to begin.

Stretch yoga is a great way to relieve tension: whether from a long journey o stressful day as it loosens up the joints needed for everyday movement.


Dynamic warm up like T-push ups and hip stretches which improve flexibility are also alternatives to try out while stretching.

Dancing: Dancing is a form of entertainment and social activity and can double as a form of exercise in order to keep fit. Fitness routines like Zumba which combines aerobics and dance movements is also a great option.

Brisk walking: Brisk walking is a perfect cardio activity. Usually, an individual’s rate of brisk walking is determined by a number of factors like fitness level, heart rate, and age.

To improve endurance, walking at a moderate intensity is ideal. If you intend to lose weight, walking longer distances, adjusting one’s posture, walk faster and using the right techniques will improve weight loss and fitness.


In addition to these three activities mentioned, maintaining a highly healthy diet, hiking, swimming, and yoga are some of the best ways to remain fit and active from home.

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