When it comes to touring, the general misconception is that having a good time might be super expensive.


And while there is no problem in enjoying luxurious and expensive trips, there are affordable African locations one can tour on a budget.

Here are three of such countries you could tour during your next vacation:



The West African francophone country is small in land mass and population but big in its hospitality and warmth.

The Togolese are very receptive, friendly and gentle people, welcoming to tourists and foreign immigrants alike.

Lomé, the capital of Togo, is a beautiful city with eye-catching tourist sites, beaches, flea markets like the Grand Marché (roughly translated to Big Market) and historical locations like Kpalimé, the castle on a hill.


The best thing about touring Togo is that 217 kilometres (199.21 kilometres by road) away is the rich country of Ghana.

The Togolese and Ghanaians share a singular history as they were once the same country (Togoland) before being divided in 1918 upon Germany’s defeat in World War II.

If you are worried about effective communication in Togo, there is no cause for alarm. Although the country’s official language is French, more than one million of Togo’s population are either good English speakers or of Anglophone origin.

Meals cost as low as N500 depending on quantity and quartier (district or street) you find yourself and hotel accommodation come for as low as $30.


You do not need a visa to tour Togo as a yellow vaccination card and passport is all the border customs officials require for access.


The island of Mauritius is located off the south-east coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean.

It is difficult to outdo one’s self with fun in Mauritius. Tourist activities include yacht chartering, diving, excursion to grand places like the Museum of Indian Immigration, National History Museum, Botanical Garden, hiking, etc.


The island nation offers accommodation as low as $108. Visas are not required to tour Mauritius as a 60-day entry will be stamped
on your passport upon arrival.


The east African country is also an affordable country to tour.

The landlocked country boasts of standard Safari parks like The Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, etc.


With as low as N199,000 ($544.58), one can be sure to have a tour of the beautiful park housing giraffes, buffalos, zebras and even lions.

Because of Rwanda’s history of genocide, sites like the Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre may be one of the stops one might like to make.

Rwandan tourist visas are available at their land borders and the Kigali International Airport for $30 and remains valid for 30 days.

Travelling and touring these three African countries will definitely give you more value for your money spent.

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