Sola Sobowale, a film producer-cum-screenwriter, has described Nigeria as a “dumping ground”, adding that some of “our children can’t even speak our language”.


The 57-year-old Nollywood actress, who is renowned as the ‘King of Boys’, disclosed this during a program on Channels TV titled ‘Rubbin’ Minds’.

“Nigeria looks like a country that is a dumping ground. We’re fake. With cars, some countries say they can’t get sweepers to clear their roads (of used cars). Then, they send to Nigeria,” she said while giving her take on social matters.

“When you get to our homes, you’ll see that lots of our children can’t even speak our language. What is happening! English is for Education so we can interact in classrooms.


“But what about our own culture? We need to start making our children know where they come from and speak our languages. English is secondary!”

Sobowale, who also spoke of how she broke into the limelight as an actress, gave reasons why she had her children jetted out of the country for tertiary education.

On the emerging concept of feminism in Nigeria and the role of women in children’s education, she reprimanded many women for “losing it” and not scrutinizing their ward’s academic activities.


“I know what education is. I know what my father did. But, along the line when I started having my children, I paid so much money in schools through my nose,” she added.

“But, after this, what university are they going to attend? With a course of three years, they end up doing it for six because of strikes and strikes.

“I can’t spend that kind of money and my children are not where I want them to be in the end. So I decided they were going to leave Nigeria.”


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