Some people cringe at the thought of living out their lives in one place. Others are simply hit by wanderlust and develop an insatiable urge to explore new landscapes and socio-cultural terrains.


While this might indeed be a reflection of self-inflicted pressure targeted at personal development through experiencing the unknown and confronting unforeseen challenges, the exorbitant cost of living such a lifestyle could undoubtedly be discouraging.

But what if you were tipped off on some ways to get paid or earn a sustainable fortune while touring the world? Well, TheCable Lifestyle brings you nine ideas for achieving just that.



Although it is not easy to earn a sizeable income from blogging due to the amount of time and effort required, starting (travel) blogs have severally proven to be a sustainable means for funding such trips and even earning a lot more while having sheer fun.

One moment you could be hiking through Singapore’s Changi Airport’s indoor forest, marveling at something so natural, yet, contrived. Another moment you’re sucking at a cup of coffee while busying yourself with your blog in a Brooklyn café. Who says living should be so demanding anyway!

Work for an airline


Not only do airline employees travel for free while they work. They also land free passes both for themselves and for friends even when off duty. The discounted prices for hotel rooms and car rentals coupled with flexible schedules and other mouth-watering perquisites are also desirable.

Whether you’re working your way towards becoming a professional pilot or you’ll prefer being a flight attendant or part of a cabin crew, being an airline employee is sure a great way to travel the world and get paid for it.

Language instructor

English as a Second Language (ESL) are highly in demand in countries like Korea and China where indigenous languages are highly valued but without underplaying the universal relevance of English. You could acquire the requisite certifications and teach in these countries.


If you’re proficient in other highly-acclaimed languages as well, you could consider making the rounds between countries beyond your geographical enclaves while complimenting that with online tutoring.

Hospitality professional

Hospitality professionals, whether working on a cruise ship; in an airplane; in a five-star restaurant; as a tour guide; or in a hotel, generally travel a lot. You could leverage on this to assuage your wanderlust.

Perhaps you feel you don’t have experience related to management or didn’t study hospitality? You could consider running a related program to broaden your horizon while being on a paid job placement. In the end, you’re touring the world!


Be a digital nomad

Not only has the internet allowed for easier access to information. It has also made it possible to work remotely from any country of your choice depending on the nature of the job. It’s now also easier to start your own remote business straight from your laptop.

Whether as a freelancer; virtual assistant; marketer or researcher, being a digital nomad affords you the luxury for funding your wanderlust while making a sustainable income from your escapades.

Other Jobs


Asides the above listicle, you could take a job requiring world travel, say, working for a resort development agency or high-end housing sales. There are also lucrative opportunities in import/export businesses and even journalism.

So long as these jobs get you out of your comfort zone; rid you of homesickness and assuage your seemingly insatiable urge to explore new auras, then you can grapple at them.

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