As Eid-el-Fitri approaches, several Muslims across the globe eagerly anticipate the joyous occasion that signifies the end of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection.


However, amid the excitement, the looming concern of expenses can affect the festive spirit, especially considering the rising cost of living. But worry not, with a little planning and resourcefulness, you can still celebrate Eid in style without breaking the bank.

Here are practical ways you can celebrate Eid-el-Fitr on a budget.

  • Plan your meal

Having delicious meals tends to be one of the most important parts of Eid-el-Fitr. However, it can also be done to fit in your budget.


Planning your Eid meals menu in advance will help avoid overspending.

So instead of preparing elaborate and expensive dishes, opt for simple and budget-friendly dishes. Dishes that the ingredients needed are affordable and can also be found in your kitchen.

Cooking in bulk is another way to celebrate on a budget, particularly when you are expecting guests. Foods prepared in large batches are more cost-effective so why not try it?

  • Shop smart for Eld outfits

Usually, most Muslims get new outfits for Eld but with the current economy, it does not seem feasible.

So to be within budget, instead of buying new outfits why not get creative and revamp existing outfits? Moreover, Muslims are instructed to wear “the best of their clothing” not necessarily a new one.

You can as well just buy one piece of clothing to elevate the existing ones. For example, you can use a new scarf on an existing dress, and jewelry can be used as well.

Best believe, nobody will be given the best-dressed award so do within your means.

  • DIY decorations

You do not need to cut off your Eld decorations because of the expenses as they tend to set the mood for the occasion.

So rather than cutting it off finally, get creative and use affordable materials such as colourful papers, ribbons, balloons, cardboard, and fabrics.

For better results, you can consider watching videos for guidance. Involve the kids to make it fun as well.

  • Consider potlucks

This is not quite popular in this part of the world but it is a practical way to celebrate Eld without breaking the bank.


Instead of shouldering the entire cost of preparing a lavish meal, organize a potluck with family and friends where each guest contributes a dish.

This is a great way of celebrating eld, sharing between loved ones as it brings about a diverse and budget-friendly celebration.

  • Gift on budget

During Eld, Muslims share love among family, friends, and the less privileged through gifting.

However, you can still gift without breaking the bank by ditching expensive gifts and consider homemade gifts or the gift of time.


Get creative and make personalised cards, foods and snacks to show your love.

  • Participate in community celebration

Take advantage of community events and celebrations organised for Eid al-Fitr in your neighborhood.

Many mosques and communities host Eid prayer, funfairs, and family-friendly activities that are open to everyone at little or no amount;  providing opportunities for festive fun and celebration without spending a lot of money.

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