It’s been more than a month since the federal government announced a period of lockdown in major Nigerian cities. We’ve gone through a train of emotions and in fact, have had more than enough time to think about our lives.


Some of the things we’ve thought about could be life-changing, and others, little in comparison but, nonetheless, not unimportant.

One of these little things which have gone through our minds is how we intend to spend the first day after the lockdown is called off. Some of us may want to rush down to the mall to snatch all the amazing shopping deals, while others may just want to drive around town just to see what the streets of Lagos look like without the infamous gridlock. 

But whatever plans we may have, one can conclusively say that a good number of people are happy the total lockdown ban has been adjusted to allow people to go about their lives.

  • Pay Loved Ones A Visit 

This lockdown may have kept you away from the special people in your life. And even, reminded you how greatly you’ve missed these special people. 

Whether it’s family members or friends, there’s a high chance you’ll be vetting to pay loved ones a visit once the lockdown is called off next week. 

So grab a nice gift for them and do not forget to spend your time together wisely.

  • Visit Their Favourite Restaurants

No foodie can deny they do not miss their favourite eat-out spot. Whether it’s low-class or high-class, eating out offers a whole different experience for food enthusiasts if you fall into this group, it may be time to begin exploring the restaurants around that might be open from next week.

You may want to, however, avoid eat-out spots with a tendency for large gatherings and defer to eating from home instead. Bonus tip, most restaurants offer home delivery options on their website or social media pages.

  • Continue Your Indoor Life

Some of us cannot be bothered with going out even after being confined to our homes for more than a month. These indoorsy-prone individuals might need to go out for additional food and grocery supplies.

But on a more serious note, some business owners are recommending an extension of remote working strategies for their employees. Should you fall into this group, you may well be spending the post-lockdown period at home.

  • Go Back To Running Their Business

The workaholics among us cannot wait to get back to the office or their businesses!

These are the guys who spent every day during the lockdown on business and official sessions and strategy meetings. With next week only a day away, they cannot wait to set out and flex their brains on important work stuff.

Coronavirus indeed! 

  • Take a Vacation

These guys just want one thing after this confinement, and that’s to take a vacation! It doesn’t matter if it’s a faraway country or in a nearby town, these guys just want to leave town with all its stress for a time of their lives in a holiday destination.


They may wish to drag a friend or two on this vacation.

  • Reunite With Le Boo

Pretty sure some of you in this department have already begun to share out-of-the-world romantic ideas with le boo. You both must be warming up counting down until the day you two meet.

Sigh, the beauty of romance!

Whatever it is you decide to do on the first day post-lockdown, do well to enjoy yourself thoroughly. And remember to stick to only legally accepted activities.


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