The growth of the Nigerian fashion industry has been largely helped by the activities of fashion enthusiasts, designers, and bloggers who have consistently supported the sector in various capacities.


In this edition of Spotlight, TheCable Lifestyle offers you a view into the lives of three youths who are gradually making themselves relevant on the fashion scene.

One is a thoroughbred fashionista who was born to do it, the other is an accidental fashion blogger, and then, there’s the ever-stylish medical student, who also blogs.



Sharon Ojong

This 30-year old fashion enthusiast and blogger says she always hoped that her hobby  would turn into a career, and it did.

“I have always loved fashion and hoped to someday turn my hobby to a career,” the biography on her blog reads.



At the recent Lagos Fashion & Design Week, Ojong shared her fashion journey with TheCable Lifestyle.

“I eat, breathe and drink fashion and I have been in fashion professionally in 2011 when I became an intern with Fab magazine,” she said.

“I draw my inspiration from everything around me from myself, my friends because I believe fashion is everywhere. My favorite social media platform is Instagram because it’s really quick. It used to be Twitter but now it’s Instagram because I can easily post pictures with captions.



“Currently, I am working on my blog, and I am pushing more of my how-to videos so that people who are interested can learn how to mix and match clothes from their wardrobe.

“My fashion must-have items are a basic white t-shirt, denim jeans, denim shirt, sneakers, little black dress and a little white dress. My favorite makeup item is my mascara and my lipstick, I can’t choose one of either,” said Ojong.



Deola Adebiyi

For 26-year-old Adebiyi, fashion blogging was an accidental venture.

When she was to apply for graduate school in journalism, she required a portfolio of work and that was how her blog was birthed.



“I started my blog,, because I needed a portfolio of work so I could apply for graduate school in journalism and I thought that after doing it for a year, I would close it so I could concentrate more on journalism but I never stopped blogging and here I am now.”

“My blog is a trusted news source or fashion and beauty in Nigeria, it also has bits and bobs from around the world. My blog can be described as fun, entertaining and knowledgeable,” she added.


Akin Faminu

For this medical student of the college of medicine, University of Lagos, fashion blogging is more than a hobby.

His classic, suave and hip style recently earned him a feature on TheCable Lifestyle’s Style Focus.


“My blog,, talks about my personal fashion journey which I can describe as dapper and detailed because I pay attention to detail,” said Faminu.

“Blogging is more than a hobby to me.  Blogging is a creative process just like every other aspect of fashion.


“The annoying thing about fashion blogging is that there is never enough time. I need more than 24 hours for my blog.

“I have been blogging for more than three years,” he noted.

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