Lawrence Aletile, Nigerian comedian better known as Seyi Law, has revealed how he was blacklisted by some companies for attacking politicians with his social media posts. 


The entertainer, who appeared on Rubbin’ Minds, a Channels TV programme on Sunday, said celebrities are often faced with several threats for daring to speak up for the people.

He recalled being blacklisted by several companies in 2019 over his critical stance about bad governance which made him lose potential deals.

“Sometimes it’s not as easy as people think. You know how these things affect us as entertainers. I was blacklisted last year December by different companies who said I was being controversial because I was speaking up for the people. They said what I wrote on the internet was attacking politicians and others,” he said.


“But people don’t know how that affect my income. They don’t know or see that aspect. Every time they see you, they say you’re not doing enough. I have a family too, I have people that I am responsible for.”

Buttressing his point, the comedian narrated how he was once threatened with death for trying to defend some artisans who came to work for him but got arrested “illegally” by police officers in the process.

The 36-year-old entertainer said he had taken up the matter with relevant authorities during which one of the officers handling the case threatened to kill him.

“One of the police officers said if I talk about it again, they know when I do shows and that they will just trail me one day, shoot me and put gun on my body and label me a criminal,” he recalled.


He, however, said such criticisms would not discourage him from speaking against perceived ills in the country when necessary.

“As much as it worries me, that doesn’t mean that I will stop speaking up. I’ll say what I think is the truth and I will stand by it. But at the same time, I don’t want to make a mistake by just following the bandwagon,” he added.

The comedian had recently called out Rotimi Akeredolu, governor of Ondo, after his aunt, who had an accident and was rushed to an hospital in the state died, due to lack of equipment.


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