Scientists have invented a sex toy called the vaginal pressure inducer, which heightens sexual arousal for women.


The device, which functions by creating pressure inside the walls of the vagina, is said to be an accidental discovery.

Vaginal pressure inducer uses a remote controlled balloon that’s filled with water at body temperature and secured to the body with a pair of specially designed underwear.

The discovery was made when scientists were running tests to understand the relationship between sexual arousal and genital pain.


The device was tested on 42 women who had an average age of 24.

They were asked to watch pornographic films as well as excerpts of non-sexual films while using the device – all still in a bid to determine when intercourse becomes painful and uncomfortable for women.

But after watching the sexual films, the women, apart from other observations, said they had a higher level of arousal when the device was in use.


Owing to the unexpected result, the researchers intend to improve and commercialise the device as a bonafide sex toy.

The study was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.

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