Despite being an underused accessory, scarf can make even the most boring attire pop.


Most women have several scarves lying deep down their cloth drawers and sometimes wonder about how to use them.

If you fall into this category, here are seven ways to utilise your scarves.

Neck tie


You have probably admired air hostesses in their uniforms and one of the reasons would be their neck scarves. Wearing a scarf as a neck tie is a way to add more colour and style to any outfit you have on.

Tie a scarf to your handbag

On those days when you feel you want to go all the way out and be bold, tying a bright coloured or bold patterned scarf to your handbag will transform your looks incredibly.


Tie a scarf on your hair

Wearing a beautiful hairstyle is an incredible feeling. However, styling your beautifully made hair with scarves is a total win. Whether you have on braids, natural hair or weaves, stylishly tying a scarf is bound to bring you stares.

Square-shaped scarves are a great choice for packing braids or low-cut hair.

Belt that scarf


What do you do when you want to add more drama the waist line of an outfit? Belt it with a scarf. Be careful to make the right choice in pattern and colour for this purpose as it might make or mar the entire outfit.

Use your scarf as a glass strap

Want to show off your styling prowess? Then opt for using your scarf (most preferably a silk one) as a sunglass strap.

Wear it around your wrist


Tying your scarf around your wrist is a great way for showing off your wrist accessories and drawing attention to them.

Which of these styling hacks will you be trying out?

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