Sejiro Avoseh, a visual artist, will be exploring the notion of human constancy in his upcoming solo art exhibition.

Avoseh, who was recently featured in Financial Times as one of the most promising young artists, will showcase a new body of work¬† titled ‘When We Are Not What We Are’.

He takes a look at how time and circumstances shatter the notion of human constancy.

He explores the idea that the struggle to constantly change fuels the human race while continually distorting our daily existence.

The artist, like a bird weaving a new nest, takes various materials into consideration as he reconstructs what we intend to be or not to be.

In this process, what we seem to be familiar with becomes unfamiliar and the process of reacquainting ourselves with what we are confronted with actually begins at that moment.

The exhibition will take place June 8 at 5, Military Street, Onikan, Yaba, Lagos.

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