Ronke Ojo-Anthony, Nollywood actress, says she was only joking when told an interviewer that she would not cook for her husband if she is the breadwinner.


In an interview with BroadwayAfrica TV, the actress had said a man would only have full control of his wife when he provides everything for his family.

Responding to a question about the increase in failed celebrity marriages, Ojo-Anthony had said: “It is not just the industry, that is what is trending all over the world. The reason is that everyone is exposed, everybody wants to work before it was our fathers that earned the money. Then, ladies didn’t really go to the university.

“Now, I will bring 50, you will bring 50 or 70/30 because we have to work hand in hand so how do you think we can sustain? It won’t work. It’s not because we don’t want to be married or that we are not submissive enough.


“I pay NEPA bill, cook with my own money when you don’t have money and then you return and expect me to cook for you, it’s not going to work because we have to work hand in hand.

“If you’re a man and you are doing absolutely everything, that is when you can have total control of your wife. But as long as a woman shares part of the responsibility, it won’t work. It’s not because we are in the industry.”

After the video went viral, many fans on social media heavily criticised the actress, leading her to clarify her comment.


In a video on her Instagram pageshe said, “we were just playing and chatting that day, the person took that part to the internet. What about the other good things I said? I’m a simple person and I don’t involve anybody so why would you want to ruin my name”.

In another video, the actress said: “Please help me repost this, if you truly love me help me if these internet people will not post it for me. This is defamation.”

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