Korede Bello has embarked on his most audacious journey yet with the release of ‘KoreDay: A Journey Through Love, Vulnerability, Gratitude, Emotions, Maturity & Self-Discovery.

Born on a leap year, February 29, Korede Bello has come a long way from the jerry curls, guitar-carrying, always winking young adult to the modern-day Nigerian Keith Sweat.

Released on the 22nd of March 2024, Korede Bello’s latest album, “KoreDay,” the 26 track long has garnered praise for its authenticity and ability to connect with his love bug listeners on a personal level but not these hoodlums, social media standard craze young people trying to be tough out there.


The album takes listeners on an hour-long narrative, mirroring the diverse experiences of human existence.

Tracks like ‘Cover Me’, ‘Yoruba Girl’, ‘Most Beautiful Girl On The Planet’ and ‘Smile’ celebrate love and admiration, while ‘Hard Girl, Hard Guy’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Moving Mad’ delve into the complexities of relationships and personal struggles. Korede Bello doesn’t shy away from vulnerability, sharing his personal experiences through his lyrics. This honesty allows listeners to connect with the music on a deeper level.

‘My Bed’ is one song that expresses so much emotion, so much acceptance, so much of everything but for his bed, a personal favorite especially when you understand how much gravity fame brings.


One thing I particularly enjoy about this project is the interludes, very concise and well thought out in this journey he is taking us through.

This project seamlessly blends Afrobeat, R&B, soul, pop, and should I say worship elements. This fusion creates a dynamic listening experience, showcasing Korede Bello’s versatility and authenticity as an artist and individual.

‘KoreDay’ at the moment is Korede Bello’s artistic statement, solidifying his position as our Love Master in the Nigerian music scene. It showcases his growth as a musician and his willingness to experiment with different sounds. Although some listeners might find the album a bit monotonic and somewhat straightforward, this album shows the headspace he is in right now – Love & Gratitude.


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