It is possible for two people to have amazing chemistry and enjoy each other’s company and they may just be having a fling. Many are in glorified flings, assumed to be relationships, and they simply have no clue.


Here are eight ways to determine where you are.

You never go out

If he never takes you out or she never wants to be seen in public with you, then there’s a problem. If the extent of your relationship is from his house to yours and back and forth, you’re most likely in a fling-lationship, better known as friends with benefits (FWB).


Bedroom action only

No matter how high your sexual appetite is, you should be worried if the only time ever spent with your better half is in the bedroom, under the sheets. If this is a regularity, it should be a good enough red flag to make you have a reality check.

Secret affair


This is a common scenario when one party insists on keeping the relationship a secret. Most people keep their relationship secretive for genuine reasons, while others do it to avoid defining the relationship. Be aware of what your case may be.

Manner of introduction

This is probably the easiest giveaway about one’s intention in a relationship. If he/she keeps introducing you as a ‘friend’ when you are both saying ‘I love you’ to one another, perhaps it’s time to bail or be aware that you’re in a loving fling.

Booty call


If your so-called boyfriend/girlfriend only ever calls you when they need a booty call, that may probably be all you are to them — a booty call.

Lack of commitment

You are not necessarily exclusive to each other but you share mutual affection. Most people mistake this for a relationship and keep basing their thoughts on assumption without voicing out.

For such cases, it is advisable to (wo)man up and demand to know where the friendship is headed.


Dwindling calls

It is most likely a fling if he bombarded you with calls on a daily basis until he got into your pants — and then afterwards, he starts making excuses for not calling. People in relationships take time out of their busy schedule to trade calls.


People in relationships are never reluctant to confide in each other. Having conversations about future goals, past heartbreaks and embarrassing moments mean you are both interested in learning more about each other. If not, you’re just a fling to him or her.


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