As tough as denim is and as stylish as it comes, it is only human that we get tired of, or outgrow, our once-favourite pair at some point.


But rather than discard your used jeans, why don’t you recycle or upcycle.

Here are five ways to do that:

Convert to shorts


Recycling your old jeans as shorts can be a way to eliminate spending on denim shorts.

Depending on the length you love your shorts, you can cut your full-length pants to fit.

Convert baggy to skinny jeans


As much as the love for baggy jeans lives on, there’s no doubt that every now and then, you’ll prefer to go skinny.

Have a baggy jean you’re thinking of discarding? Why not convert it into skinny jeans instead.

Denim apron

Remember how you learnt to make aprons in secondary school? Try it with your pair of worn out jeans.


The simple procedure involves cutting the right amount of denim to serve as the apron halter and body.

If you have experience sewing, joining the halter to the apron body will not be so difficult. If you cannot sew, you could take your already cut pieces to a tailor to join them for you.

Cute stationary container

If you work with a lot of pencils, pens, markers, or have a messy or basic workstation, jean recycling may be a way for you to make cute stationery can or container.


With the right size and shape of can or container, a cut piece of required denim and glue, you are on the right path to getting your very own DIY stationary container.

After getting the right amount of jean needed, stick it on the container using a glue and adding any additional craft to personalise.

Which of these hacks would you try when next you’re recycling your pair of jeans?


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