Kel, a rapper popular for her 2009 hit song ‘Wa Wa Alright’, says she finds it bemusing that Nigerians have a problem with hip hop.


The rapper born Kelechi Ohia said this in reaction to American rapper J. Cole’s electric performance in Lagos on Friday.

Reacting to the support given the American by Nigerian fans, the rapper asked “why do we shun the hip hop artists we have over here?”

In a series of questions she asked in a Twitter thread, she wrote: “After witnessing J.Cole perform last night, with a basic band and DJ, and 2 backup singers, and seeing so many people rapping along to old and new songs (KOD), I’d like to ask, why exactly do we have a problem with rap music in Nigeria?


“And by basic, I mean he had the regular band instruments; drums, keyboard, bass etc. Nothing too fancy. It was just him, the singers and a big stage with his mic stand.

“I’ve never felt so proud and plenty confused to see so many people singing along. Even J.Cole was. Be didn’t plan to do songs off KOD, but the fervor with which people were singing along urged him on. I’m talking jumping and rapping along, word for word.

“After last night, you can’t tell me Nigerians don’t like rap music, cos this album was just released about a week ago. And then he Cole performed some old stuff, which people sang along to as well with just as much, even more enthusiasm


“So again, I ask, why exactly do we have a problem with hip hop in Nigeria??? And I’m talking real hip hop? Why do we “shun” the hip hop artists we have over here? Why do we not support and love them as much?”


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