Not every fashion enthusiast can afford the services of a good stylist or personal shopper; yet, fashion statements must be made.


Thankfully, technology has created easy access to style inspirations. This means a person can get style inspiration by literally just having internet access and an electronic gadget.

Surprisingly, not every fashion lover is aware of these fashion-god-given applications. And hopefully, this list of fashion-inspired applications will point those fashion enthusiasts in the right direction.



There’s hardly anyone without an Instagram account these days. The Facebook-owned application is home to billions of users and serves as both a social and commercial market for users.

Thanks to Instagram’s hashtag following feature, fashion lovers can follow #OOTD which is short for Outfit Of The Day. #OOTD provides access to millions of fashion inspiration content of every kind.

Fashion bloggers, fashion content creators, are all over Instagram’s #OOTD thread and will provide a user with useful style advice, inspirations and options.


Additionally, following the pages of these fashion bloggers, fashion houses, etc. a user can have consistent access to the page’s content for fashion and style trends, tips and ideas.


If you’re keen on using the most appropriate fashion expressions, then downloading FAD is a great idea. FAD is one of a kind as it offers the latest fashion language and expressions.

Additionally, FAD works offline making it possible to navigate through the app when a user isn’t connected to the internet.


FAD also comes in handy for individuals working in the fashion industry as it offers more than 1500 comprehensive explanations to fashion-related terminology.


Pinterest is, in summary, a social media lookbook for sharing and accessing millions of content on any area of human interest.

Fashion and style make up one of these sought-after contents for Pinterest.


By simply signing up on the app, a user can view fashion and style ideas, rules, looks etc. additionally, users can save any pin they love under their own profiles and curate them under customized boards of their choice.

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