The past few months have confined you and your spouse indoor. And even with the current partial lockdown, there’s hardly any authorized fun activity to do with bae. Malls, beaches, event centers, cinemas, restaurants, and many more are still not admissive of customers. 


But romance doesn’t have to die as long as you both are willing to put in the work, go the extra mile, and craft activities for themselves or better still go for the innovative approach of activities.

  • Paint Each Other And Sip

No, neither of you has to be professional artists to enjoy this activity. Keep it simple and straightforward but have fun. 

All you’d need for this activity are; two or more canvases, canvas stand, oil paint {or the kind of your preference], palette, brushes, and rags. 


The task is to paint each other. To make this possible, sit across from each other to get the best views of each other.

Do not reveal what you’re painting until you are done. Oh, and don’t forget to get a good wine for the sipping part of this exercise.                                                                                                                                                             

  • Give Each Other Makeovers

Another idea for a date during the partial lockdown is giving each other makeovers. This activity is simple but also much fun.


This interesting activity must be played without a faint heart as it could get risky. 

Each person has no say in how the other dresses or glams them. To spice this up, take before and after photos of each other after a makeover. Oh, and go crazy with videos to keep this memory alive.

  • Have An Outdoor Picnic

This date idea is a good one for couples with a yard or space in or around their home. You want to pick a place that’s serene, and neat. Look around your street or estate for spaces such as; parks that might be open. Extra points if you own or have access to a private beach. 

Order take out or make use of home-made meals, snacks, wine, or drinks of choice. 


Sit back, relax, and enjoy a touch of nature with the one you love.

  • Host A Video-Call Party

More people are video calling since the outbreak of the pandemic. Each week, you’ll make at least one video call and this habit is slowly but strongly crafting into an average person’s routine.

So why not throw a Video-Call party for your friends? Just like a physical party, you and your spouse can craft the event around a theme, for instance, a costume party, or a direction, for instance, a 

  • Browse Through An Online Museum 

Museums have adapted to making use of digital space to exhibit artworks. 


Are you art lovers? Jump on this new trend with your spouse and appreciate the beauty of art. Some galleries offer free exhibitions while others might require payment. It is important to make every necessary inquiry concerning the exhibition before-hand.

While you have fun, remember to adhere to safety guidelines like wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly and carefully.

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