Annually, April 2 has been set aside to create awareness on autism, which is often misunderstood.


According to the Britain’s national autism association, autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of three.

According to Ranti Balagbobo, a special education manager, “It is a learning disorder; it is real and can be disabling without the right support.”

Here are five facts that might help debunk myths in Nigeria especially.


Brain development

Autism affects the part of the brain that deals with speech and communication whether verbal or non verbal, social interactions and behaviour. It is a learning disorder and not a spiritual problem.


There is no cure. However, early treatment and intervention can improve symptoms and in rare cases, completely overcome.

Speech and gender implications

About 40% of autistic children do not speak. Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.



Children with autism progress, early intervention is key

Spectrum ranges

No two autistic persons are the same. Autism cases differ from person to person.

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