Omawumi Megbele, the Nigerian songstress, has spoken of her experience with voice crack in live shows.


The R&B/Afropop diva, during a chat with HipTV, touched on the impact of consecutive stage performances.

Asked if she has had to grapple with voice problems, the 39-year-old music star replied “all the time”.

She said she favours resting it out, as against those who prescribe voice-augmenting teas and natural edibles.


“That one is a norm. There are some times that my voice has not been in tip-top shape. Sometimes I just go with the flow and you’d obviously hear it. I won’t be able to go with the flow,” Omwumi said.

“I start delivering on the downside of my voice; my lower ranges. It happens all the time, especially when you work back-to-back. Maybe you’re performing every day in about three shows.

“By the fourth day, you will sound like a frog. I’m not one of those who prescribe teas and things to eat so as to augment the voice. I just believe in resting your vocal cords whenever you have the chance.


“And maybe a nice glass of whisky can also help.”

With strings of awards and recognition, Omawumi, who was the runner-up of the 2007 West African idols, has continued to pull the strings in the continent’s music landscape.

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