Angie Stone, Grammy-nominated soul singer, says the hospitality of Nigerians always amazes her whenever she visits the country.


In an interview with Juliana Richards on Jules uncut, Angie, who hails from Columbia, South Carolina, talked about how her music career kicked off at the age of eleven when she joined the church choir.

During the interview, Stone was asked about her experiences when she visited Nigeria.

“I have been to Nigeria a couple of times; let’s say five or six times. I have been there for three different projects. The people have been good to me, they were very nice to me when I came there, and I was very surprised to see how they embraced me as a soul sister,” she said.


“I was surprised because we black people don’t embrace our own very kindly. We are all one and each other’s keeper; I felt that I was very accepted. ‘When I first went to Africa, I felt at home. When I saw coming to America, and how they cast the Africans, for the first time I saw a view of royalty feels like. We treat each other how everybody is supposed to be treated,” she added.

Stone was also asked if she tried any Nigerian food during her visits, and she replied saying, “I have had a good experience with Nigerian dishes, from the food to the juices”.

During the interview, the interviewer asked Stone to speak on her perception of Africa.


“In Africa, we are free to be Africans, we struggle and fight to make our African heritage known, and as a result, we don’t spend much time as Africans as much as we spend fighting,” she said.

Angie said she has never had any relationship with a Nigerian man.

“I am hoping for an ambitious, independent and God fearing man. I don’t get to go to church as much as I want to because of the demand of my job as a celebrity,” she added.

The American singer has also sold over 30 million albums worldwide.


Stone performed at the Calabar festival in December 2011.

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