Creativity is not a joke and comedy, according to Ali Baba, is serious business.


Nigerian comedy has in recent years metamorphosed into a full-fledged thriving industry.

In spite of the quality of the output of Nigerian comedians, most of them are guilty of the sin of repetition.

These particular comedians try as much as possible to refine and recast old jokes, but half the time, a chunk of the audience would have heard them before.




Akinlami Babatunde Julius popularly known as Elenu is a one Nigerian comedian that many would easily mistake for Hausa due to his near-perfect impression of the accent.


After building a thriving comedy career, largely due to afforementioned impression and delivery, it’s high time someone informed Elenu that he has to diversify and perhaps, find a new style.



Idileoye Oluwaseyitan popularly known as Seyi Law, is a comedian whose career has grown proportionally to his pot-belly.


Although extremely hilarious, Seyi Law is known to always spew jokes about the similarities and differences of the major tribes in Nigeria.

Just maybe, it’s time Seyi Law explored the other 300 tribes and ethnic groups in Nigeria for inspriation.




Despite naming himself after an alcoholic drink, Gordons is ironically wont to chip in “hallelujah” before, after and during every joke.

While this has come to be established as his trademark, the comedian is guilty of repeating jokes about the Warri way of life.




After Ali Baba, Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth is possibly the most successful Nigerian comedian, in present day.

The stand-up comedian, who’s renowned in African comedy, is gradually taking his craft onto the international arena.

However, he’s known for recycling jokes about Nollywood – often highlight the shortcomings of the Nigerian movie industry.

Dear Basketmouth, move on.



Real name – Otas Onodjayeke, his stage name of I Go Save’s reeks of unoriginality.

Adopted from ‘I Go Dye’, a fellow comedian, I Go Save needs to stop repeating his jokes about bleaching.

By now, Nigerians have heard enough of such jokes and are hungry for fresh rib-cracking deliveries.



Bashiru Ahmed is a musician as well as a comedian.

Although he’s just beginning to gain widespread popularity, Bash has already been found guilty of the sin of repition.

Bash is known for cracking jokes on the differences between Western and African culture.



The Naija FM on-air-personality is one of the best stand-up comics in Nigeria, at the moment.

His most prominent jokes revolve around the dishonesty of ladies to the menfolk.

Ajebo might want to expand his catalogue and consider the men that also lie to women.

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