Mompha, the Instagram celebrity, has denied claims that he dated Bobrisky, the self-acclaimed transgender.


The drama started on Friday when Kyme Oye, former aide to Bobrisky, alleged that the socialite once had a romantic relationship with the crossdresser.

During an Instagram session, one of her followers had asked “is it true that Bob is f**king Mompha?”.

In her reply, the Ivorian lady said “they were dating before it come from his own mouth, the were dating (sic)” — without providing any evidence.


Her claim had sparked reactions on social media platforms, with a huge number of Nigerians sharing contrasting views.

But in an interview on Saturday with Daddy Freeze, the media personality, Mompha dismissed the claim.

The Instagram celebrity also said he had only met the crossdresser on two occasions, adding that there was no intimate relationship between them as alleged.


Although he did not provide any evidence, Mompha claimed “someone is behind” the allegation against him.

“I was on flight from Nairobi to Dubai yesterday when I saw people tagging me, it wasn’t long after that I started seeing people saying I f**ked Bob (Bobrisky) and calling me all sorts of names,” he said.

“Nigerians like bad news, anything that involves Mompha sells. Those asking me to sue Bob, I don’t have any evidence against him. What will I sue him for, did he mention it?

“Someone is behind this whole stuff, I don’t know who the person is but I feel someone is behind it. I have met Bob twice… I only call him when people approach me for advertisement.”


Mompha also threatened to sue Oye for alleged defamation of character.

“I don’t know this Oye from anywhere. If someone asks you ‘is Mompha dating Bob?’, how are you sure, do you have video evidence of me calling Bob…have you ever seen me in his house before?” he queried in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

“Why will she make such expensive claim when she know say I get name to protect? People are asking me to say the truth but where’s the evidence? Nigerians are just stupid…

“That Oye should get ready, I am a troublesome person, I have connection in Ivory Coast, the girl no know who Mompha be. I’ll show her pepper, she go know the kind person wey I be.


“Those asking me to leave her alone are are stupid, do they know the meaning of defamation of character? If you would say such thing, have an evidence. This girl don’t have anything as proof.”

Bobrisky is yet to react to the allegation as of the time of this report.

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