Jude ‘MI’ Abaga, the ace rapper, and Eniola Mafe, his wife, have opened up on their struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a couple. 


ADHD is a condition that includes attention difficulty, hyperactivity,  and impulsiveness. It often begins in childhood and can remain till adulthood.

It can cause low-self esteem, unstable, and difficulty with social relationships.

Speaking on the Aproko Doctor podcast, the couple said one way they have been able to fight ADHD is through “building the habit of communicating and understanding”.


The rapper and his wife said they had a conversation and came to the realization “we were both ADHD.”

Eniola said she had been diagnosed since she was 19, adding that it “affected me when I was in school”.

Eniola added that her husband has to “always fight through the noise in my head” whenever they are having a conversation.


“It’s not this thing you can cut out. It’s actually who you are. It is actually how you think, accept the world, rejection, and everything,” Eniola said.

“It was for me realising that all the things that didn’t seem to make sense about me.

“It affected me in school. My inability to gather thoughts.”

On his part, Jude said he discovered his condition while in school but “I still couldn’t connect the two dots together.”


He said ADHD helps him in two ways; it makes him creative and also “want to understand the most”.

“For me, my childhood was just that I loved music. It was tough for me to read in class, probably because I wasn’t paying attention. If I was really interested in something art, I will be excelling really well, while my school was suffering for it,” MI said.

“By the time I went to college, I figured out that the ADHD thing was me and I still couldn’t connect the two dots together.

“I think the first time that I really got a sense of how much it can control a person was in our relationship when Eni would explain.


“And I googled it and it was almost like a weight off my shoulder. I can look back at some of those things differently now that it was always going to be part of my journey in life.

“To me, it’s both the thing that has given me so much, because it is where I go to like create and at the same time it’s the part of me that I want to understand the most.”

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