Dr Roy David, the music producer, has clarified that he did not accuse Mercy Chinwo, the gospel singer, of withholding his royalties.


In a recent appearance on The Honest Bunch Podcast, Roy detailed how he worked round-the-clock with Mercy, hoping to be successful.

In a snippet from the interview, the producer said he did not receive support during his father’s struggle with stroke.

“Me and Mercy Chinwo, we dey sleep 5 am, wake up by 7 am. All my hope be say as I dey work on Mercy project, I go get some kind millions. You dey happy say the hustle go pay,” he said in pidgin English.


“All the time wey all these dey happen, Mercy excess love don dey peak. My father get stroke. I even call am tell am say my father no well o if e get anything wey e go fit assist, she say make I no worry say e will be fine.”

The video sparked various reactions from fans, with some criticising Mercy.

Reacting to the criticism in a now-viral video, Roy clarified that his comments were aimed at Eezee T, the record label executive, and not Mercy.


He stressed that Mercy did not abandon him, adding that she assisted him during his father’s illness.

He also warned blogs to be cautious about spreading misinformation.

“Point of correction I no dey call out Mercy Chinwo. The person wey I dey call out na Eezee Tee wey get EeZee Conceptz,” he said.

“As I dey talk to you like this, na me and Mercy suffer the same thing. Imagine person wey you and am suffer still come dey help you.


“Mercy na hin help me throughout my father gets stroke, na still the same Mercy na hin help me when my father died. So blogs make una mind wetin una dey post o.”

Eezee T has yet to respond to Roy’s claims.

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