Comfort is unarguably part of every lady’s top priority when ‘Aunt Flow’ comes visiting.


While on your period, mood swings, cramps and nausea make you uncomfortable.

The type of underwear and its features also goes a long way in determining how comfortable you feel.

Here are five tips to consider for underwear choice while menstruating.


Use bright coloured underwear

While you might be tempted to use dark coloured underwear for fear of stains, they are not your best option because dark colours are good conductors of heat.

Your pubic area should be free of moisture and heat. Bright coloured underwear such as cream, baby pink, shy blue, and white repel heat and keep you dry.


Tight but not tight

In between tight and loose is what you need. Your underwear should be tight enough to hold your sanitary wears and lose enough to avoid friction on your skin.

Cotton material

Do not use underwear made from lyrac, nylon or lace materials as they reduce aiflow and make your sweaty. Cotton underwear is absorbent, soft and comfortable. They also let go of stains easily.


Use pant liners for tampons

If you are using tampons, it would be safer to lay a liner on your panties, especially if you are using your favourites, so you don’t ruin them.

Medium-sized underwear

You would need panties big enough to cover your pubic region and hold your sanitary pads in place. You may want to avoid g-strings. You may use seamless pants to avoid panties lines traces on your clothes.


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