“I’m sorry, I apologise for what I did” is a simple phrase that anyone should be able to say without difficulty.


However, the reverse is the case for most men who often find it hard to apologise.

Save for a minority, most women are quick to say sorry and have over time, learned not to wait for an apology from their male partners.

Why do men find it hard to verbally apologise? Here are five reasons.



This is the most common reason men hold back on apologising. Generally, men do not like to be seen as being weak enough to admit guilt.

Tendering an apology would mean acknowledging that they were wrong and this will put a dent in their ego.


Some things don’t deserve an apology

Generally, women do not find it hard to apologise because they understand that an apology can go a long way in resolving issues.

This is different for men; to them, some things are just too inconsequential for an apology.

Actions speak louder than voice


Instead of saying “I’m sorry”, some men prefer to show their remorse by trying to please their partners.

Some prefer to buy gifts and do a great deal of material-placating rather than tender a simple apology.

They want to share the blame

When one tenders an apology, the person is taking responsibility for something that went wrong.


Sometimes, a man does not want to take all the blame, he wants to share the blame so he withholds apology.

For example, when a couple disagrees and one party apologises, that person is deemed to be taking responsibility for the disagreement.

They want to avoid further blame

Women like to talk and in this age of women empowerment, a woman will take the first chance she gets at rubbing victory in a man’s face.


Add this to women that love nagging and you have the recipe for unending disagreement.

Sometimes, men do not apologise because they don’t want their partners to begin listing all the wrong things they have done in the past.

They just want it to end there.

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