May D, his babymama and pregnant fiancee are in the middle of a social media he-say she-say over child custody and alleged domestic violence.


The singer, real name Akinmayokun Awodumila, has been accused of abuse and of being a deadbeat father by his babymama.

The ‘Ile Ijo’ singer made the first move in the unfolding drama when he shared a video of Adebola, his babymama, instructing their child to insult him.

May D shared the video on Instagram on Father’s Day. “I love you Lami Happy Fathers day. This video is 3 years old,” the singer captioned it.


I love you LAMI happy Fathers day …. this video is 3years Old …

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On Monday, in a series of posts, Adebola responded by saying she made the video three years ago when he allegedly maltreated her and his son.

Adebola said she has been caring for their child alone for over five years.

“I have struggled to take care of my child for almost 6 yrs now without the help of May D, or anybody,” she said.

“My son doesn’t even know you.


“We tried to reach out a couple of times but we never get any response, apart from you saying and I quote, ‘we will suffer as long as you are alive’, I can’t let my son grow up in domestic violence.”


Adebola also shared what she claimed to be screenshots of chats and emails to the singer.

“But May D said you won’t take care of him,” one of the messages read.

“You don’t know how this boy feeds, schools, or does anything and since 3 yrs ago when I tried all my possible best to reach out but you said you never want to see him and you have a life ahead of you.

“Remember you threw us out at night without allowing me to pick anything from the house. You s[e]ized everything I ever owned, even Lami’s personal effects and you kicked me in the tummy severally after you said I told the whole world about your violent attitude.”


May D, who spends most of his time in Sweden, is engaged to Carolina Wassmuth, a Swede who is pregnant for him.

She said YESSSS!! ❤

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In defence of May D, Wassmuth has shared her take on the matter, countering some of Adebola’s allegations.

“Have in mind that I do not gain anything by lying on this subject,” she wrote, before making her Instagram profile private.

“The lies are getting too much. Never would I marry or have a child with a man who is actually like this or who is violent.

“I wish this issue could be handled between the parents but it’s impossible when only one parent wants to cooperate.

“Enough is enough! Let me just go ahead and add that she booked a meeting for them to sit down with the authorities to talk about the custody issues but never showed up!

“Mayokun was there waiting for hours and she never showed up because she knew her lies would be so obvious.”

The singer has reacted by posting a photo-reel featuring himself and his son.

I love you so much it hurts!!! Happy Fathers day SON!!

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