Maureen Esisi, the Nigerian fashion designer, says the loss of her father has shattered her.


In a video shared via Instagram, Esisi, who is the ex-wife of the actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, said her dad passed away in 2022.

Esisi said she was in denial after his death but the situation eventually hit her and shut her down “badly”.

The fashion designer said she needs help and no longer wants to “pretend like everything is okay”.


“I am clueless of what to say and how to say it or why I am even making this video,” Esisi said.

“But something has been pushing me to make this video and let the public know the situation of things and if there is a way they can help me, they will help me.

“If you follow me you will know that I have not been posting and creating content as I used to. I have been very quiet.


“Now over the years, I have faced problems and trauma, and I have been through a lot. And somehow I have always come out strong and pretend like everything is okay.

“Something hit me not so recently and it shattered me to bit. In as much as I was so sure that I had it under control, I didn’t have this under control.

“I lost my father last year and I have tried to be strong and everybody assumed or thought that I should be.

“At first, I was in denial but eventually, it hit me and shut me down so badly that I wasn’t functioning anymore”.


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