Lizzy Anjorin, the Nigerian actress, has addressed the allegations that she stole gold and did a fake transfer at a market in Lagos.


Reports on Monday claimed Anjorin stole gold in the Idumota market in Lagos Island.

Other reports alleged that the actress made a fake transaction after buying goods worth N91,000 from a store inside the market.

In a now-video, the film star was seen sitting in a store while attempting to defend herself.


But in an Instagram live session, the actress denied the allegations. She also argued that the video was a “setup” against her.

Anjorin narrated how she bought clothing accessories from a vendor in the market and requested his account number for payment.

She said she sent the vendor’s details to her husband who transferred the money, adding that the vendor confirmed that the transaction was successful.


The actress said when she visited the same store again, the vendor said the previous transaction she did was unsuccessful.

Anjorin said she has the “evidence” to prove that she indeed sent the money.

“I went to buy accessories, you know I’m a tailor. I bought the accessories last year on November 17. I bought them for 91k,” she said.

“I collected the guy’s account details and my husband helped me to transfer the money. I asked the guy if he had seen the money, and he said no.


“I left for about 2 hours and I came back to ask him again. He said he had seen the money and the guy gave me the accessories. I bought something from the other shop in front of the guy.

“They don’t sell clothes in that place, they sell accessories, stones, and wedding accessories. I saw the guy again and told him that I had been looking for him. The guy also said he had been looking for me because the transfer I did the other day did not go through.

“I asked him why he didn’t call me to tell me and he didn’t respond. I told him the transfer was successful and I asked him which month but the guy acted like he didn’t remember the month.

“But you guys know that I’m a very smart person. So I left because everything that I bought that day and all the people that I did transactions with is in my brain.


“The car I’m currently driving costs N85 million. Gistlover you’re not smart and your setup is weak. I will bring out all the evidence because time and date don’t lie.

“From N90k, Gistlover you turned it into that I stole gold. If it was not a setup, how come N90k that I’ve paid for since November 17 became something that people wanted to burn me for?”

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