Yoni pearls, also known as womb detox pearls, herbal tampons or vaginal pearls, are little teabags believed to cleanse the womb.


Manufactured and marketed by a variety of brands, yoni pearls also claim to restore the vagina’s full functionality by tightening the muscles.

Usually, the directions of use of yoni pearls usually involve inserting one pearl first into the vagina using the longest finger while leaving the thread dangling out. Followed after this is the second pearl, which will also be inserted into the vagina. These will be left in the vagina between 24 to 72 hours.

Besides the two aforementioned claims, yoni pearl manufacturers also claim their products help cure reproductive ailments like fibroid, yeast infection, fertility-related problems, and PCOS.


Despite these claims and testaments, however, a good number of physicians have advised women to keep off yoni pearls.

Why should these herbs usually containing strong potents like osthol, angelica, borneol and rhizoma be harmful? These warnings could cause you to question the composition of these herbal tampons and maybe even consider trying them anyway.

Therefore, before deciding to use a yoni pearl, consider these three factors:


The natural composition of the vagina

If you know the basics of vaginal health, it is that the female reproductive organ is capable of taking care of itself.

Clear natural secretions are produced from the cervix secreted throughout a female’s menstrual cycle help to keep the vagina healthy.

Using strong products like douches or yoni pearls in the vagina could potentially destroy or reduce the bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria are good as they help maintain balanced pH, produce bacteriocins which help kill or prevent other (bad) bacteria from entering the vagina.


If these good vagina bacteria are tampered with, these could lead to serious consequences that open the vagina to infections like inflammation, and thrush etc.

In the case that you may be concerned about the health of your vagina, or restoring its functionality, book an appointment with a certified gynaecologist.

Potential reaction to the product

Like every generic product, individuals’ bodies are prone to reacting differently. This reality is, unfortunately, obtainable with yoni pearls.


While these products might work for other women, might cause more harm than good for others.

A lot of women use yoni pearls and other reproductive-related products without first consulting a certified professional.

Consulting with a certified gynaecologist, not only gives the patient detailed information about the reproductive health but will open doors of opportunities on alternative means to achieving better reproductive health.

For instance, some women are unaware that diet and lifestyle play vital roles in their reproductive health. This means that the ‘miracle’ yoni pearls could be substituted for an approved diet prescribed by a professional.


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