Sulaimon Shekoni, the fast-rising Nigerian singer better known as Khaid, says he was once a Muslim but later converted to Christianity.


In a recent chat with the ‘Zero Conditions Podcast’, Khaid said growing up, he did not want to attend the mosque, but his dad who was a Muslim “forced me.”

The singer said his parents were, however, “free-minded people” who allowed him and his siblings to choose their own religion.

He said his mum was a Christian but he decided to go to the mosque to please his dad for a while.


Khaid said he later “switched and started going to church” because he felt more “connection” to Christianity.

“I was a Muslim before because my dad was a Muslim and my mum was a Christian. But I just felt the connection to Christianity more,” he said.

“Right from the time I did not like going to the mosque actually, my dad forced me.


“My parents were free-minded people. They told my siblings and I that we could choose any religion we wanted.

“But we lived among Muslims and my dad did not want it to seem like he does not have control over his children so he used to force me to go to the mosque.

“At that time I was trying to please him so I was going to the mosque. But after some time, I switched and started going to church.

“My elder sister and younger brother are Muslims. But me and the rest of the five are Christians.”


Khaid is signed to Neville Records, a music label owned by Sydney Talker, the skit-maker.

He was unveiled by the skit-maker in January 2022.

Earlier this year, Khaid revealed that he worked as an automobile repairer before he joined the music label.

“Thank God everybody is seeing me this way. Nobody believes I was once a mechanic,” he had said. 


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