Tobi Adeboyega, cousin of Nigerian-born British actor John Boyega, is not in the good books of his neighbours in Surrey, England.


Adeboyega, 38, is the lead pastor at SPAC Nation – a Christian organisation which says it helps youngsters out of a life of crime.

According to Daily Mail, residents of the posh neighbourhood have complained about “loud parties” organised in the £2.5 million mansion Adeboyega rents.

“I don’t know where he gets his money from but he used to drive a 2018-plate Lamborghini with a personalised number plate ‘PA5TOR’, which is worth about £200,000 and now has a Roller,” a neigbour is quoted as saying.


“A large number of expensive cars with blacked out windows drive up and down our estate to his home at all hours, making a lot of noise and driving at speed.

“If I’d known that being a pastor was so lucrative I’d have taken it up as an occupation too. Then there are his parties which last all night with loud music and lots of people coming and going.”

Citing a particular instance about a recent party, another neighbour said: “They set up speakers in the garden and the music continued well into the early hours of Christmas Day.


“It was loud enough for people to hear down the street. None of us know what goes on in there really, there’s always a lot of young men, aged in their 20s, turning up in cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“The speed limit is only 15mph because it’s a very tight, quiet road but they sometimes drive around at 40mph.”

When contacted, Adeboyega said his neigbhours’ complaints are backed by “hate and racism”.

“The problem is we live among hateful people. Some of those residents are disgusted with the fact that young black people live on a luxury estate that is otherwise made up of white people aged in their 60s and above,” he said.


“When I first moved in two years ago I tried to introduce myself to some of the neighbours but many of them were just not interested.

“We did hold a party on Christmas Eve, as we do every year, but there was no loud music and to say so is nonsense. Lots of other residents had parties over the festive season, so why should we be any different?

“We’ve had altercations before where neighbours have sworn at us and one of our female members was called an ‘idiot backward person’. It’s racism plain and simple.”

He said the church gets support from an estimated 2,000 members, with about 50 of them pooling resources from their various business ventures.


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