Melvin Ejiofor, the Nigerian rapper fondly called Illbliss, has opened up on why he took a break from music in 2020. 


Illbliss said he took two years off the studio to focus on being a father during an interview on HipTV

The rapper revealed that his wife had complications with the pregnancy of their second daughter.

He said due to the issues he faced during the birth of his two children, he needed time “to take it all in”.


Illbliss added that he returned to the studio in 2022 before the eventual release of his latest album in 2024.

“A lot of things were going on personally in my life. I put out my last album on May 28. It was back in the middle of Covid. Then I had a conversation with the host for Trending then,” he said.

“She said regardless we needed to come so we could have a conversation on the album. So I drove down here. We did the interview. Everyone was trying to be careful. And on the 29th of May, I watched that edition of Trending. Then on the night of the 29th, my wife was pregnant… when the album had just dropped and went online. And she just came out and said ‘babe, I think my water broke’. But that was her five and a half months. That was my second daughter coming.


“We rushed to the hospital and they said it was about to be a miscarriage. I abandoned that album. I just went from one hospital to the other. My child survived but it was a lot of drama. She is three and half years now. And my first daughter came after eight years of marriage. Two of my kids came to this world very dramatically.

“So I took time off to be a dad. To just take it all in. Try and spend time and raise these kids. All of that was happening and trying diversification.”

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