Ifeanyi, wife of Paul Adefarasin, Nigerian televangelist and head of House on the Rock churches, has called out young people who live beyond their means in a bid to impress others.


In an undated video, the former banker is seen serving the congregation with a sermon on how some young people clamour for overnight success to the extent that they engage in lifestyles they can’t afford.

“There is a season in life for everything. You’ve just come out of school, you are 26, for goodness sake what are you doing buying a bag that can pay your house rent for a year?,” she asked.

“You can’t come out and at 28, you think you are going to have what a 52-year-old has been working for, she has got 30 years of hard work behind her. So if you see her come out with whatever jewellery or whatever bag or shoe, listen, she’s eating the fruit of her labour. You pick up your hoe and your cutlass, start farming and put your seed in.


“Sometimes you have to leave certain things, you can’t afford a lifestyle, don’t attempt to live it. Who are you deceiving? When the bills come, who is not sleeping at night?  The money you are owing to look a certain way, to live in a certain part of town you can’t afford, to drive a car you can’t afford, some people don’t even notice your wig, necklace, jewellery or your dress.

“They just see you in church on Sundays, they see you in your office during the week, they don’t know where you live. What do we care if you say I come from Ikeja, I come from VGC? You have a roof over your head. Whether the room is a self-contain and that’s what you can afford or it’s a 10-bedroom mansion and that’s what you can afford, God has blessed you with a roof over your head, be grateful and stop trying to compare yourself to other people.”


In June, the ex-beauty queen had spoken against the way some ladies dress indecently to church in an attempt to get husbands.

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