Robert Kelly, American R&B singer, says people are trying to draw conclusions about his present situation from his past encounters.


In an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, the 52-year-old denied the allegations of sexual abuse.

At present, R. Kelly is being investigated for allegations of sexual abuse and paedophilia. He was recently granted bail.

“I have two cases back then that won’t talk about because of my ongoing case now. People are going back to my past and they’re trying to add all of the stuff going on now to that so that it all feels real to people,” he said.


“The past is irrelevant with me with underage girls because I beat my case, I was acquitted of all charges. You cant double-jeopardy me like that. It’s not fair.”

Commenting on other cases where he was accused of forcefully having sex with underage girls and locking them out in a black room, the singer had this to say:

“Not true, whether they are old rumours or new rumours. I’ve never held anyone against their will because I don’t need to.


“How stupid will that be for R. Kelly with all I’ve been through in my way past to hold somebody, let alone four, five, six, fifty you say it. That’s stupid.

“Forget how you feel about me. You could hate me or love me if you want to but just use your common sense and quit playing.

“How stupid will it be to chain up girls in my basement. I didn’t do this stuff. I’m fighting for my life.”


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