Blogs have become a popular means of passing across and receiving information since before the last century. The internet is littered with blogs in every imaginable industry or interest one can think of. But while some blogs are exceptionally great, others are just average or worse, bland. 


If you’ve been hoping to start your blog but have been unsure of how to go about it, there’s no reason to give up yet.

Keep in mind that while starting out a blog can be serious business, this doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task.

The secret to creating an exceptional blog is to be intentional about every step during the starting process.

  • Choose A Niche

To run a successful blog, it is important to be sure of what specific audience you’ll be catering for.

So whether it’s beauty, lifestyle, literature, music, spiritual, political, or educational content you wish to pass across, make sure that you have enough knowledge in the area or at least possess good research skills to help source for good quality materials for content.

  • Choose A Name For Your Blog

Each one of us has unique names with which we are easily identified and which makes us unique from every other person. Likewise, having a blog name makes your blog unique.


Pick out a name that’s easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and which represents the purpose of your blog.

Stay away from names with confusing spellings or pronunciations.

  • Design Your Blog

Customizing your blog to suit your taste is a step that must be taken when starting out a blog.

There’s no need to worry about contracting a professional web developer to design your website. 


You can design your website yourself by simply following the templates available on blogging platforms such as; WordPress, Wix, and BlogSpot.

  • Create and Plan Blog’s Content

Now that you have a name for your blog and have designed it according to your taste, it’s time to create magic.

Content is the core of your blog because this is the way you express the ideas you have to share with your audience. Your content could be in the form of articles, videos, or even audio. 

  • Publish Posts 

Having created the content for your blog, it’s time to share them with your followers. 


Most blogging platforms are user-friendly and make the publication of content super easy even for first-timers. 

Uniformity in your publishing style is also important so make sure you have a guideline for how you post your articles.

  • Share Your Posts

Publishing content on your blog is just the first step in sharing your ideas with the world. Without visibility, your efforts may as well be futile.

To create visibility, you want to share your content with both your current followers and potential followers. 


Use every essential social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat etc to amplify your posts, and what your blog is about. Make use of social media features like stories [Instagram stories and Facebook stories], sponsored advertisements, share buttons, social media posts, to give social media users a taste of what your blog is about.

Interestingly, most blogging platforms enable sharing options directly to social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter to allow bloggers to share their works with a wider range of social media users.

Now that you have launched your website it’s important to run it diligently. Draft a calendar to guide your posting schedule, and engage with your followers to keep them committed to your blog.

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