Hillary Clinton, former first lady of the United States, has admitted that she was criticised for not divorcing Bill Clinton, her husband, after his affair with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern.


Lewinsky had long admitted she had “inappropriate relationship” with Bill during his time as president  — although she confirmed they never had sexual intercourse.

While speaking with Hollywood Reporter, Hillary recounted her experiences at the time and admitted to suffering much anxiety as women blamed her for deciding to stay married.

“When asked (recently) what was my gutsiest decision, I said, ‘Well, personally, staying in my marriage.’ And that kind of sums it up,” she said, referencing a joint publication with Bill.


“But I also think in every marriage there’s not just one side. So, I could say the same for him, that I’m not always the easiest person to live with. I’m glad he stuck it out, too.

“I wish I understood it, I really do. And look, I lived through that, where women were judging me and then a little conversation would lead to the fact that they had a similar issue.

“There was so much anxiety and even fear wrapped up in it. But it was also true that, as we saw in survey after survey, he could, if he ran today, get re-elected.”


Hillary’s comment, which comes more than two decades after the said affair had “rocked” the White House, precedes the January 25 debut of her self-titled documentary.

Speaking on the range of issues to be explored in the film aside from the sex scandal, Hillary went on to talk about the problem of double standards in relationships.

“What is it about this double standard, both double standard in public and double standard in private? I think the movie does a good job of raising that issue,” she added.

“Trying to answer it conclusively is impossible, but at least we should be asking ourselves that question.”


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