Alfred Mapak, a herbal practitioner, says that herbal medicines fight diseases better than conventional medications.


He said this during an interview with NAN, in Abuja, on Thursday.

Mapak said some herbs had actually been proven to be beneficial and safe for humans; and that some were being used to produce orthodox medicines.

“We take herbs directly or indirectly; and they are helpful to us, he said.


The practitioner said herbal medicines have low side effects when compared to conventional drugs.

He said that plants such as guanabana can be used to treat cancer, diabetes and regulate sugar level in the blood.

“There are numerous natural remedies which have powerful medicinal properties that can fight many diseases even better than conventional medications, he said.


“Many plants can be made into homemade remedies that can even treat cancer; for example guanabana, this Central American plant can treat cancer, diabetes and regulate blood sugar level.

He said adopting herbal medication is a means of getting solutions to all diseases and conditions.

Mapak added that herbal medicine strengthens the immune system, stabilises hormones metabolism and heals naturally.

He advised parents to consult herbal practitioners in seeking medications for themselves and their families.


He warned against self-prescription to avoid complications.

“Nature has a cure for all diseases and conditions; we just need to know where to look for it,” he said.

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