Gloria Steinem, an American political activist, has described TI’s practice of taking his daughter to the gynecologist annually for virginity test as a “very suspicious” case of “human rights abuse.”

TI, an American rapper whose real name is Clifford Harris, had earlier revealed he takes Deyjah Harris, his 18-year-old daughter, to a doctor every year to check if her hymen is still intact — a way of making sure she’s still a virgin.

In the wake of the heated criticism from female celebrities and fans alike, Steinem waded into the issue in an interview with TMZ and argued that TI is grossly violating the law by having his daughter undergo such medical examinations.

I take my 18-year-old daughter for virginity test annually, says TI
I take my 18-year-old daughter for virginity test annually, says TI

The 85-year-old journalist, who was a leader of the American Feminist Movement (AFM) in the early 70s, called for legal actions against the rapper, stating that “the courts should be after him” over the issue.

“That is a human rights abuse, it is not his hymen, it is not his body, he doesn’t have any right to be there. You can’t invade a child’s body other than for a medical emergency. There’s a power relationship that’s very suspicious there. I don’t think it sounds like free will,” Steinem said.

Halima Abubakar, Nollywood actress had backed the rapper on his controversial parenting practice, stating that her own father used to do the same with her when she was younger.

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