Do you want to make Christmas Day an unforgettable one for your partner?


Simple, sweet and not extravagant, here are 6 ways you can have fun with your lover today.

Disengage yourself from social media

You can unplug yourself from the rest of the world if you feel your phone is going to be a distraction to you on Christmas Day.


Not going on social media, not making or receiving calls during the time you are together can work well for you and could make your partner happier.

Cooking competition

This is just for the sake of having fun; you don’t need to convince your partner that you’re an expert in a particular dish.


This yuletide season, you should arrange a competition, cook and taste each other’s food afterwards.

To make it more fun, don’t go the market to get anything, use whatever you have in your freezer and see what you would come up with.

Spend time with each other’s family

If you don’t want to spend Christmas alone, why not enjoy the company of family and the love they have to offer.


You can visit each other’s families, provided they live in the same town as you. If not, visit the closest family member that lives nearby.

Time spent with family helps strengthen the bond between lovers and could even reveal previously unknown facts about your partner.


Hang in


While hanging out is what everyone is used to, while not “hang indoors.”  Get everything you feel would be needed for an outdoor picnic like food, drinks and enjoy your picnic.

You can snuggle up, and spend time binge-watching television, eating and drinking.

Don’t worry, you can burn the Christmas fat the morning after.

Dress up/have a photoshoot


Do something spontaneous; things you don’t do every day.

Christmas Day may be the right time to unearth your Sunday best from the wardrobe. Play dress up and do mock photo shoots with your smartphone.

Live, and have fun.

Go on a drive/road trip

The roads are usually free on Christmas Day, hence, it might be a good idea to visit someplace you’ve always wanted to go to.

Embark on a road trip (short or long depending on your preference) and relish each other’s company while you enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas or maybe just the scenery of wherever you find yourselves.


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