The Island is regarded as home to the wealthy, middle-class and wealthy wannabes in Lagos, Nigeria.


Despite the perceived beef the residents of Mainland have for those on the Island, the truth remains that a good number of the Mainlanders envy the lifestyle of the Island.

It is therefore not uncommon to come across a Mainlander unwinding on the Island.

On average, the truth is that hanging out on the Island can be pretty expensive (especially, if you do not know your way around).


In this economy and the absence of Davido’s metaphoric N30 billion in the account, no one wants to spend more than they can help.

And contrary to popular opinion, it is very much possible to hang out on the Island at very affordable rates.

Here are four ways to do so:


Take a friend along

Now, the idea of inviting a friend along on an ‘Island adventure’ may seem corny but trust me, your friend may have been hatching a similar plan all along, so go ahead and propose it.

Going out with a friend means that essential bills like transportation are split in two making it cheaper for both of you (and depending on the number of friends invited, cheaper still).

Besides costing, having a friend with you will automatically boost your confidence as your friend will be by your side to face whatever you encounter on the adventure.


Lightly research the hangout spot

A lot of people take researching for hangout spots lightly. It is fine to spontaneously show up at a fancy restaurant or beach house
when you’re financially buoyant.

However, for a not-too-buoyant individual, researching a place before visiting gives you an edge to know the audience, location, rates and expectations of a hangout spot.

Knowing the location gives you an edge as navigation of route would be easier and cheaper. Knowing the type of audience gives you the sense to take an artsy on a date to Bogobiri for instance.


And price rates will help you know that Wednesday is the best time to see a movie at IMAX because tickets are sold at N1000.

Book/prepare ahead of time

It’s not just enough to research a hangout spot. Following up on research is also important.

Depending on the intended place, preparing financially ahead of time is a winner option.


For places that require tickets, booking ahead of arrival time usually incurs less cost and ensures that you do not end up hearing the ‘I’m sorry we’re out of tickets’ story that is usually heartbreaking.

Online hacks

You’d be amazed but some of the top locations on the Island offer discount services.

Spas, dental clinics, hotels, restaurants, and lounges offer discount services and products online — on platforms like DealDey and Event Brite.

These four tips, when well implemented, would have you and your friend(s) getting first class to middle class treatment at top hangout
spots on the Island.

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