For a couple of months now, the new normal has been to downsize every kind of physical gathering to encourage social distancing.


This strategy will not be going out of trend anytime soon and businesses know this. Think of all the places you know where there tend to be crowded; cinemas, malls, stadiums, religious centres etc. They all are working towards strategizing their businesses in a way which supports social distancing while providing their services.

While businesses are making preparations, it’s also wise that fashion-conscious people do too. And this comes with a lot of creativity. Unlike what we’ve been used to, we’re no longer dressing up for big events but for small ones.

So what fashion items can a person rock to small events? The answer really depends on an individual since style is personal. However, here are a few ideas we’ve put together to help you style for that next small event.


Remember that the key to choosing an outfit is your personal style and fitting.

  • Idea 1: Attention-Seeking Ankara Outfits

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Ankara fabrics have been associated with Africans for more than a decade. Their brightly coloured patterns speak for themselves and make any outfit stand out.


It was the norm to slay in Ankara outfits at big events and this works perfectly for a small event as well. So bring back your Ankara-sewn outfits and accessories whether it’s a handbag, blouse, slipper, bracelet, earrings, shorts, jumpsuits, pants, dresses etc. Ankara outfits are mostly functional.

If you’re, however, skeptical about appearing for a small event adorned in a complete Ankara attire, you may tone it down by mixing up the outfit with another non-Ankara item of clothing. A pair of jeans for instance always looks great on an Ankara blouse. White or black shirts and t-shirts work perfectly when paired with an Ankara pant [trouser] or short. 

Alternatively, make use of the Ankara-made accessories to spice up your outfit. 

  • Idea 2: Jumpy Joggers

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The most comfortable thing a person could wear for a small event is a pair of joggers. Not only are they comfortable outfits, but joggers have been in vogue for a while now and come in trendy styles and cuts.

The idea of joggers is that it gives an “I’m not trying so hard but I’m stylish” look. Just like Ankara outfits, joggers can be worn in a few different ways.

You could choose to wear a complete jogger outfit with a pair of heels or sneakers. On the other hand, you can tone it down by mixing and matching. You can choose to throw in a white top, or a white top and a jean jacket. Crop tops, stripped, sweaters, are all pieces which can be paired with joggers.

Pay attention to the print of the joggers and the clothing item you’re mixing with.

  • Idea 3: Spicy Stylish Blouse

Stylish blouses will never go out of season. Since more people will be going for comfortable wears, it might be great to step it up a little bit now and then with a statement blouse. 

This outfit doesn’t have to be overdone. A simple skirt or trousers can be paired with a stylish blouse whether it’s jeans or any other fabric of choice.

  • Idea 4: Blazer Fever


You can make blazers work for small events but this has to be carefully done so as not to look overdressed. Try choosing blazers in neutral colours and pairing them up with simple outfits to strike a balance in simple wear.

But this shouldn’t restrict you one bit. If you’re a showstopper, go crazy with your blazer pattern and design.

Always remember that your outfit is incomplete without a face mask. #StaySafe

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