If you ask anyone what 2020 has taught them, their responses would most likely be profound and thought-provoking. This year alone has taught a lot of us what we may have missed over the past years. 


This sort of learning only naturally causes us to be enthusiastic about the future and consequently making plans and resolutions on how we want to begin living by 2021.

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition and common practice where a person resolves to adopt new good behaviour or habits, get rid of bad habits or behaviour, and continue in good practice.

Although traditionally, this resolution is carried out at the end of a year or beginning of a new one, there are no laws restricting the timing to only those periods.


In fact, some people testify that making their resolutions outside of the traditional time does more good for them than bad. And we’re here for that sort of diversity.

These tips below will help you make and keep your resolutions:

  • Stick To One Thing

It’s never a lie that keeping things simple works the best. When making a resolution, this is the case as well. The need to change can nudge a person to wish they can change everything wrong in their life at once.


However, habits and behaviour which make up a person’s lifestyle cannot simply be erased like marks on a board with a duster. Taking things one step after another is what works best.

Identify the goals or resolutions you wish to achieve and break them down into mini-resolutions. Next, focus on these mini-resolutions and ensure you do it one at a time.

For instance, if one of your resolves for 2021 is to become a more responsible citizen, focus on making a list of the ways you can achieve this and tackle them one after another. Maybe by joining and participating in a community development group for instance.

  • Make Your Goals Public

This doesn’t necessarily mean one has to announce their resolves on social media. Making your goals public simply means talking about your goals with someone other than yourself, or your journal.


The reason this is important is so that by putting the word out there about your set goal, you make yourself subject to accountability. This can be achieved by the parties who have heard your goals and who will bring you to order should you go off course from said goal.

  • Plan To Check In On Yourself Periodically

It’s never enough to just set goals and carry on as though one will automatically adapt to them. Periodic check-ins will serve as constant reminders of a goal which has been earlier set.

Schedule periodic check-ins on yourself in relation to the resolutions and goals you have set for yourself for 2021. During these sessions, keep an open mind and be sincere in accessing whether you have achieved progress in hitting your goal; the things you’re doing right, those you’re doing wrong, and those things you should begin doing.

By observing this process faithfully, you’ll be on the right track to keep your resolutions for 2021.

  • Do Not Be Hard On Yourself

Go easy on yourself as you anticipate progress on your goal. No one is perfect and we are all bound to make mistakes or move off-course.

Hence, while you work towards routine check-ins, do not forget to not overthink or overwork yourself for the level of success you may have made in achieving your goals and resolutions.

Recall that everyone is different and what may have taken another person two months to achieve may take you two years to. It’s fine to work at your own pace.

  • Celebrate Small Wins

For every milestone, you cross, for every progress no matter how little you make, always remember to take time and acknowledge them. If possible, reward yourself for every milestone you cross in achieving your goals.


This type of motivation could push you in making progress faster.

Remember, it’s never too late or too early to begin to think and pen down your resolutions for 2021. Keep at your own pace, keep it simple, and do the best you can in your journey towards personal transformation.

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