The festive season is one of the periods people look forward to due to the rave and excitement that comes with it.


However, the rave comes hand in hand with increased demands in transportation leading to high fares and traffic jams.

To avoid emptying your pocket to high transport fares, here are tips to help cut down the fare during this season.

  • Book and set out early

It is known that transport fares vary due to time, day and month. To avoid high transport fares you have to be early.


For flights, buses and trains where ticket booking is necessary, ensure to book ahead of the rush hours to secure tickets at regular prices before any surge in demand prompts fare increases.

The same applies to public buses. Setting out early will help you avoid high fares. As the day progresses, especially during the festive season, transportation demand tends to spike, leading to high fares.

  • Group trip

Group trips, traveling together is another way to avoid high transport fares this season.


There are times when you and your family, friends or colleagues need to go to the same event; you can all decide to split the transport fare. For instance, you can all book a private hailing company and then split the fare among each other rather than going alone and footing all the fare.

Taking a group trip is not only more fun, but it is also cost-saving.

In a situation where a friend or family member has a car, you can volunteer to foot the fuel bill so you can be picked by the person.

  • Take public transport

Opting for public transport is another way to reduce transport fares when compared with the expenses of transporting with a personal car or private hailing company.


Public transport like buses and trains offer a budget-friendly alternative as it helps save you money on fuel, parking, and car maintenance.

However, if you are not conversant with the location use the map or ask people around respectfully and cautiously.

No, it does not. Taking public transport when you have your private car does not reduce your worth rather it helps you save money.

  • Pack light

If you have to have luggage during a travel or journey, try as much as possible to pack light. This will help you reduce costs.


Some transportation charges extra for luggage so traveling light will not only help you avoid high fares but also add to your overall convenience.

  • Trek

Yes, you read right. Trekking is one of the ways to help you avoid high transport fares.

However, this depends on the distance, your health and the time you have available. During this season, it is quite advisable to trek distances that are trekable rather than taking transport because fares are likely to be high.

You will not only save money but also keep fit.


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