Like every other human emotion, love can strike you in the least expected place, leaving you thinking of ways to get yourself out.


There’s no crime in falling in love with a colleague but the professional atmosphere of the office makes it one of the least expected places for love to come into play but then, no one starts a job hoping to find someone to fall in love with.

It just comes and sometimes, you can’t stop it.

If you find yourself in that position, these tips could help.


Detach personal sentiments from work

In some cases, one person may be the superior; in a situation like this be extra careful so you do not make biased decisions.

Sometimes, favouritism is not done consciously. Examine your decisions and be sure that everyone else has a shot at an opportunity even if you naturally want to hand it over to your loved one.


Keep it professional… obviously

This goes without saying – after all your primary aim of being there is to get work done.

If you choose to dwell on stolen glances and flirty looks with your partner in romance, you may not get any work done.

Focus on the job. Also, avoid getting physical at the office.


That doesn’t mean you should be less romantic

While it is important to focus on the job, you can steal a minute of their time by sending them a message or quietly getting lunch for them.

You should avoid going to lunch together because you might lose track of time.

Treat each other as you treat other colleagues


Because of your affection for one another, it can be difficult to not expect to be treated in a special manner. There’s a tendency to want to do this, so when your paths cross at work, be conscious of treating each other as regular professionals.

Leave your personal squabbles at the front door

Before getting involved, be clear with them about workplace relationship. All dirty linen must be left at the front door of the office.


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