Thinking of how to plan your next staycation but not really sure where to begin or even how to go through the entire process? Stick around on this page as we go through a quick 5-step plan simple enough for anyone to do.


Before we go through the 5-step plan, I have to ask a couple of questions; why are you taking a staycation? Is this your first time going on a staycation? Are you nervous? Do you know what a staycation means? Okay, I think I’ll slow down with the questioning before I scare you off.

To answer the last question I asked, a staycation is basically creating a vacation-like experience without necessarily going too far from home.  A staycation can be defined as a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local spots.

  • Know Where You Want To Go

It’s not enough to want to go on a staycation. It’s also important you know or at least have an idea of where you want to spend your staycation.


By knowing where you’d like to stay, answers about the budget, and duration of your staycation will be easier to determine. 

  • Make A Budget For Your Staycation

It’ll be silly not to have a budget for your staycation and to be honest, being realistic about your budget will make planning for your staycation run smoothly.

In addition to this, budgeting will keep you on track so you do not end up making financial decisions you may regret later on. Your budget will also help you determine the venue you can afford, and even the duration your staycation can last for. It’ll even determine the quality of the place you eventually pick out.


You’ll want to make cost-effective decisions like searching for a preferred location on your own rather than hiring someone to do so. Also, make use of online searches as this is cheaper than physical search or scouting.

  • Make A List Of Activities You Want To Achieve During Your Staycation

It’s not a staycation if you cannot enjoy yourself and the only way to enjoy yourself during your staycation is to make a plan of the activities you’d like to try out during your time staycationing.

You may have to make a checklist of things you want to achieve during your time alone. For instance, would you want to enjoy some retreat during your time staycationing?

If you’re finding it difficult drawing up a list of activities, here’s a question to give you a clue: what would you usually do on a vacation? If you can answer this honestly, then you have a great list of activities to try out for your staycation. For instance, are you one to tour during a vacation? That’s something you want to include in your list.

  • Unplug From The World

Okay, that came out kind of wrong. However, what I’m trying to say is that you may want to unplug from social media, work (if you can), and every other thing.

To thoroughly enjoy your staycation, you’d definitely want to do without constantly checking your social media or answering work calls and etc. By being fully present during your staycation, you’ll most likely be able to experience the best out of your time.

  • Explore Discounts

Awoof doesn’t always have to run belle. So keep your eyes and ears open for possible discounts or great deals while making plans for your staycation. Also, keep an open mind on special offers companies might be offering at the time.

If you found our tips useful, kindly let us know in the comments so we can create more of this kind of content.


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