These days safety has become a major part of our lives and in the way, we commemorate special occasions. But hey, a birthday is a special occasion no matter what. It’s that time of the year when a person marks their birth. A pretty much big deal.


So how can one throw a cool surprise birthday celebration for the special people in their lives? Easy. Kick up the element of surprise and introduce creative ideas.

  • Organize A Surprise Group Video Call

They’ll never see this coming! And this is safe as people do not have to be together in a particular space. All you need to do is contact everyone special to the celebrant. Think of friends, family members, course mates, acquaintances, and even colleagues.

Because this call is taking place virtually, location is not a limiting factor hence, no restrictions to invited participants to the video call. Long lost friends or family members can be included in the list of invitees especially if they were on good terms with the celebrant.


Remember that necessary research must be carried out before contacting the invitees. Things like what video call platform can support the number of people you’re inviting is necessary. 

After deciding on the video calling app to use, determine the time to place the call. When this is settled, contacting the invitees is next, followed by distributing the code to join the call.

You may choose to send an email inclusive of the plan (emphasis on “surprise”), the purpose of the call, the day of the call and the video call link.

  • Deliver Their Favourite Food To Their Doorstep

Should the celebrant be a foodie? You may want to consider ordering their favourite meal from their favourite restaurant and having it delivered to their doorstep.

This may seem like a very simple plan, but in reality, it isn’t quite. Key information like the celebrant’s favourite food and restaurant is important to properly execute this plan. Also important is to know the exact address of the celebrant to keep the element of surprise.

With this key information, you’re one call away from surprising the celebrant. Kudos! 

  • Book An Approved Venue For A Small Hangout

Do you know how romantic Hollywood heroes go big on their romantic gestures by buying out a venue for their loved one? You could attempt to replicate it with the celebrant. But beyond wishful thinking, you’ve got to make sure you have the right connections and that thing that rhymes with “honey”.


It may be easier to book out some restaurants or recreation centres now since they’ve been discouraged to allow customers sit-in.

On the cost side, the prize could be higher than usual. Can you pull this off, you’ll definitely have granted a Hollywood-type birthday surprise gesture.

  • Cook Them Their Favourite Meal

Homemade meals are often underrated. But not when it’s a surprise. This plan might be a tricky one and will cost your time. 

First, you’ve got to be sure that the food you’re making sits right with the celebrant. So ask yourself these, “what’s their favourite or most preferred meal?” “do they have allergies to certain foods?” etc By answering these questions, you break down the meal options to the barest.


Next, is logistics, how do you want to shop for the food ingredients? After this, you must decide where you’ll be making the meal. Your place or theirs?

Err, tricky right? 

Make no mistake though, the birthday boy or girl will definitely appreciate your effort. And your meal!

  • Deliver A Special Gift

If you can do neither of the suggested, then it’s only right to go old-fashioned and get the celebrant a gift. Only in this case, with a twist of modern.


Remember that when gifting, it’s not the size or price of the gift that matters but its significance. What would the celebrant really appreciate? If you can answer this, then you’re a delivery away from getting them a wonderful surprise.

Ooh, you may also want to include a card with a heart-warming note alongside the gift.

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