Yes, you read right. This article will be encouraging you to get rid of some of your clothes. ‘Why?’ You may ask. ‘Is it necessary that I part with certain items of clothing from my wardrobe?’ You’ve got to admit that there’s a day to acquire clothes and another to get rid of them.


Call it the ‘circle of clothes’, spring cleaning or decluttering. The common ground still remains you’ll be required to begin the new year with fewer clothes.

Truthfully, this process will not be easy especially for individuals who form an attachment to their outfits.

But listen up sis, if you have any of the below-listed outfits, waste no time in saying ‘goodbye’ to them.

  • That dress you’ve never worn

Or keep claiming you’ll wear at the right time. But let’s be frank; since you acquired this outfit you never really found the right situation to wear the outfit.

You sometimes try it on to go out, then take it off and toss it aside. Let’s not kid ourselves, you’re most likely never to wear this dress again and it only makes sense to get rid of it.

  • The outfit you’ve overgrown

No, you’ll not be losing weight to fit into that dress as you could two years ago. Your safest bet, however, is letting those outfits you’ve overgrown go.

  • That sleep wear that’s ripped somewhere

2020 is the start of the fresh new year deserving of a fresh new start. What better way to ensure signing in to the new year with confidence than by discarding that pair of sleepwear that’s either torn or worse still, threadbare.

You’ll also want to look out for sleep wears that are faded and throw them away.

  • The dress your friend secretly loves

Maybe it’s time to be a better friend before the start of the new year. Remember that outfit of yours your friend or sibling secretly admires?

Maybe it’s time to let them have it. After all, isn’t the holiday season ABOUT SHARING AND LOVE?


By ‘letting go’ of an outfit, you’re simply finding enough reasons to disown and disuse it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you dump the piece of clothing. Try donating these outfits to the needy and less privileged.

Also, you can decide to give them away to your siblings, friends or acquaintances.

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