Femi Fani-Kayode, former aviation minister, has shared footage of the good old times with Precious Chikwendu, his estranged wife, where they both spoke openly of each other’s virtues.


Ever since the duo’s marriage hit the rock in 2020 over Chikwendu’s domestic violence claim and Fani-Kayode’s counter-claim of infidelity, both parties have been in a tussle for the custody of their children.

In a 14-minute video put out via Fani-Kayode’s Instagram handle on Monday, the separated partners had recalled good memories of their marriage on the occasion of the ex-minister’s birthday and how they both met each other.

Chikwendu had narrated moments when they argued a lot and how Fani-Kayode would be the tolerating partner.


“…I thought it was going to be like being with someone way older, literally another father. When I listened to you,  I thought, ‘he doesn’t sound how bad I thought.’ What made me grow so close was that other people I’ve been with when they upset me and I threaten to go, sometimes they would say, ‘cool. Take the lift if you want to.’,” she had said.

“But for him, he would lock the door and say, ‘you’re not going anywhere.’ There are days we would argue and I’d go into the wardrobe and lock the door. He would follow me in. He would say, ‘If you don’t talk to me, I won’t come out of this wardrobe.’ There are certain things that were quite different about him and he was exciting to be with.

“There were no dull moments. It’s fun and I’ve learned a lot. And then he’s a good father to my boys. I like that part. Since Aragon was born, he doesn’t let him fall down. Left for me, I’m that mother that would say, ‘let him fall down so he would experience what it feels like.’ He thinks it through before it happens. Somethings I don’t have to go through thinking, he does it for me. I’m glad it keeps getting better. I remember those days when we argued a lot.


“He got more matured. Thanks for knowing I’m always right. If you maintain your lane, wahala no go dey. I go dey behave like say I don craze. You better learn to manage craze woman or go apply for psychia make they teach you.”

In his reply, Fani-Kayode had described Chikwendu as his “everything” who is tough and focused.

“Each year gets better and better ever since I met this beautiful young lady. We’re very happy together. Without her, I don’t think I would have been able to stand strong over the last three years,” the ex-minister had said.

“She today is my everything. She has brought me joy and given me strength.  She very tough and focused, not just a pretty face. She has her own life, which is what I find interesting.  I just think she’s everything, she’s wonderful.


“The future is bright, regardless of what others might say, for our family and country.”


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